How I moved from to hashnode?

Hasnode has amazing features, here's how you can cross post...

I moved my blog from to hashnode because they banned me for a week due to expressing my thoughts about a thing (they said I violated their code of conduct). I have there about 25k views but still I made the move.

Hashnode has amazing feature that blew my mind like:

  • I own my content and all traffic goes to me.

  • I can add my own domain later.

  • I can have static pages like about, projects, etc.. so it's like a portfolio and blog all in one.

  • Free In-built newsletter.

  • Custom page rules for creating customized URLs or redirects.

  • I can enable listen to audio feature.

  • I can show views count on my articles.

So, I transferred my articles from there using the hashnode importer and updated my articles on to have a canonical url to refer to my hashnode articles so my hashnode articles can be ranked higher in search engines.

Now if I want to cross post to I can use the RSS feed importer from and mark my hashnode to be the canonical url.