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What is a Progressive Web App ? Why to build a PWA ?

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Amr Elmohamady
·Nov 23, 2020·

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Progressive Web App was introduced by Google in 2015.

The term "Progressive Web App" isn't a formal or official name. It's just a shorthand used initially by Google for the concept of creating a flexible, adaptable app using only web technologies.

PWAs are web apps developed using a number of specific technologies and standard patterns to allow them to take advantage of both web and native app features. For example, web apps are more discoverable than native apps; it's a lot easier and faster to visit a website than to install an application, and you can also share web apps by simply sending a link.

On the other hand, native apps are better integrated with the operating system and therefore offer a more seamless experience for the users. You can install a native app so that it works offline, and users love tapping their icons to easily access their favorite apps, rather than navigating to it using a browser.

PWAs give us the ability to create web apps that can enjoy these same advantages.

The main PWA features

  • Full responsiveness and browser compatibility

  • Connectivity independence. Progressive web applications can work both offline and on low-quality networks.

  • App-like interface.

  • Push Notifications as you can push notifications the same as Native Apps.

  • Self-updates. Can Update themselves automatically.

  • Security as PWAs are served through HTTPS. So unauthorized users can’t access their content.

  • Discoverability and easy installation. As Search Engines can access the like websites and can be shared as links, so installed easy as clicking Add To Home screen .

  • Easy Development As PWAs is easier than Native Apps in building.

  • Works on both Android and iOS

When you want to build an app you should consider PWAs a choice like Cross platform, hybrid and Native apps.

Here's a comparison between Native, Web and PWAs.


I really Advise anyone to Learn Progressive Web Apps and start building Web Apps as PWAs.

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